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Synchronize Send/Receive Files

dnc4U gives you the choice to setup separate send and receive folders so that proven "master" files are stored in the send folder, ready to transmit to your CNC. Those that are received back from your CNC are "quarantines" in the receive folder. You can then review all received files and note if there are any differences between the two files. Then you may decide to overwrite the "master" file with the received file so that that now becomes the "master".

This is a real pain! This feature lets you view the files in the receive folder side by side with those in the master. If the same filename exists in both directories it is highlighted and you can run a file compare between the two to see if they are identical

You then can update the status of the received file. This moves the received file into the master folder and deletes itself from the receive directory. Alternatively you can decide to just delete the received file to the recycle bin

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