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Additional Features Of dnc4U dnc rs232 communication software program

In addition to the editor, dnc4U has several useful features that will make your life that much easier


GCode Inserter

GCode Inserter automatically inserts G and M codes at your cursor position. To select from G codes, type in G? and a box appears with all the G codes to select from and insert. Same with M codes. What's more it's user defineable so you can create your own GCode Inserter files for each of your CNC's and easily hotswap between them all


GCode Inserter automatically inserts code into your file.


File Merge

dnc4U lets you merge several files into one for viewing or direct to DNC.

This simple but powerful feature will save hours of laborious copying and pasting of files. On Fanucs and similar, it will automatically delete all % symbols within the merged file so that it will go into the CNC control without lots of editing.


merge files to disk or direct to dnc


Tool Restart

If you are Drip-feeding a large file and a tool breaks then you must find the place in the code where the tool broke and setup some safe restart code to get the tool to continue from where it left off.

With dnc4U, theres no more laborious copying and pasting sections of code into temporary files, all you need do is enter the start code, which will then get saved away for re-use next time, and the block number of where to start. There is a find facility to quickly find where this needs to be. The last block that was sent is always stored away so that you can quickly find the last known block sent and fine tune your start position.


restart after a tool break - go direct to the start block and insert safe restart code


Queue DNC Files

If you need to be able to setup a list of files, either for your own use or for someone else, the DNC queue lets you save away a list of files that can be picked off individually or queued for DNC. This is great because it saves the operator either wondering what files to send and having to pick them off laboriously every time. You can even set it up so that your most used files are always at your fingertips. Each CNC can have its own schedule.

If several files are selected then they are sent one after another to your CNC machine.


create a schedule list of files for DNC


DNC Wizard

If you don't know what the RS232 protocol settings are for your CNC, it can be a frustrating time. Our new DNC Wizard will take best guesses at the protocol and analyze your CNC data output.

You will visually see the data come in and dnc4U trying all the permutations before settling on the best calculated settings, and once it calculates this it will show the data stream in...


protocol analyzer finds CNC DNC protocols


File Compare

If you need to compare files that you trust with files that may have been modified by CNC operators, file compare will make it much easier. You can view side by side file compare, with differences and additions highlighted, or for speed, we have included a brief summary.


side by side file compare

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