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Overview of our dnc4U dnc software program

Here's what dnc4U can do for You:

  • Easily send and receive files between your CNC and your PC or laptop.
  • Works with Win 95, Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista , Win7, Win8 and Win10. Works on either 32 or 64 bit.
  • Easily edit your NC code in our color coded editor.
  • Easily setup RS232 CNC protocols with our built in Debug Window especially designed for debugging CNC data.
  • DNC Wizard automatically detects your CNC protocols and end of blocks.
  • Works with physical & virtual com ports, USB, RS232 to ethernet devices, and wireless servers.
  • No Com Port - USB to RS232 cables - Keyspan work great when others just don't >> Click Here >> USB Problems?
  • No Com Port - PCMCIA and Express cards - Brainbox are very reliable >> Click Here
  • No Com Port - USB Multi Port Serial - Quatech USB - We have heard good things about these >> Click Here
  • New* - Send and Receive direct to RS232 wireless device servers using TCP/IP ethernet - eliminates virtual ports.
  • GCode Inserter automatically inserts from a list of G and M codes. And its user definable so you can create your own.
  • Additional NC tools such as Resequence, Math Transformations, File Sync and Reformatting etc are also included...
  • Select "CNC Save-All" and in one-shot save all NC files in CNC library into individual files using the CNC program number.
  • "CNC Save-All" also saves files using the comment at the side of the program number for added flexibility.
  • File merge - merge files so they go into the CNC without any editing.
  • File split - split legacy files from Fanucs and others (Heidenhain, Okuma, most Jap CNC) into separate NC files.
  • Preset DNC settings for many popular CNC machines.
  • Restart easily after a toolbreak anywhere in the NC program.
  • Supports the ASCII/ISO and EIA character sets.
  • Supports unlimited filesize drip feeding using XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS handshaking.
  • Supports Heidenhain Blockwise for drip-feeding unlimited sized files (Program Run Full Sequence).
  • Supports Haas Xmodem drip-feeding (Send and Receive).
  • When drip-feeding an exact image of the file is sent, just in case your server fails during transfer of the long file.
  • Supports FTP file transfers as an FTP client (Send and Receive).
  • Support for paper tape punch and man-readables.
  • Save and send files with any file extension, into any folder anywhere.
  • Side by side file compare.
  • Audit Trail Received Files.
  • Diagnose program for troubleshooting.
  • Barcode scan the filename direct off your jobsheet - no more typing.
  • Wireless Monitor pings your wireless device to check it's still online.
  • Fully customizable form, menu and command button captions - great for languages other than English.
  • Don't be fooled by the low price, you can only buy on the web.
  • Free lifetime software upgrades and no annual maintenance charges.

Whether you are a novice or an expert at CNC file transfer dnc4U is both easy to learn and fast to use. And now, you can try it out for free...

What you'll get from the Free-Trial

  • dnc4U is a fully functional version of our software and nothing has been disabled; contrast this with many other trial DNC packages where the send or the receive function has been crippled or you are limited to the number of blocks you cand send or CNC machines and com ports you can add. How can you possibly test the software if you can't send or receive to your CNC?
  • You can run our software for 60 days before it will expire. Click here to download evaluation

What you can do with dnc4U

  • You can now configure up to 64 CNC machines. more...
  • You can use com1 to com128.
  • If your CNC supports it, you can dripfeed large files.
  • You can send or receive one program at once using standard com ports. To send more than one file at once simply run another instance of the software at the same time.
  • You can send or receive to multiple CNCs simultaneously if you use the optional Wireless or FTP plugins.
  • DNC Wizard will automatically detect your CNC RS232 protocol. more...
  • Barcode scanning makes sending even easier, just scan the filename off your jobsheet. more...
  • File Queue lets you create a list of files to DNC. Useful to let operators know what to use for todays operations or just as a favorite list of most used files. You can send them one at a time, or queue and send sequentially. more...
  • You can edit all your NC programs in our editor. You have the option to show all the different blocks in your program in different colors for easy visualization. more...
  • GCode Inserter automatically inserts G and M codes into your NC code. more...
  • Resequence, Desequence, Insert Spaces, Delete Spaces, Math Transformations X,Y,Z axes and Speed & Feed override. more...
  • Search, replace and wild-card pattern matching replace.
  • You can print out your programs in color or black & white.
  • You can use our Debug Window to quickly view data coming from your CNC. You can then debug this data to work out any CNC control codes and end of block sequences. more...
  • Perform a cable loopback test to investigate cable breaks.
  • You can perform all of the most vital functions entirely by function key shortcuts.
  • You can visually check files received back from your CNC against those in your master folder and either compare, update or delete these files. more...
  • You can merge several files into one to save away or DNC direct to your CNC. more...
  • You can split your CNC files into separate files using the CNC program number or comment.
  • Side by side file compare, with brief summary report for large files. more...
  • If you are running large DNC dripfeed files, you can setup restart info and restart anywhere in the file. more...
  • Send and Receive in binary mode - makes it possible to store CNC executables offline and send back.
  • "Infinite Receive" lets you use dnc4U for tasks such as storing CMM and general digitizing data.
  • Supports EIA paper tape punch/reader and man-readable headers. You can store the man-readables in the NC file! more...
  • Audit Trail Received Files - Backup file can be automatically made every time a file is received - date stamped.
  • You can customize all the form caption, buttons and menu items - allows you to create language other than English more...
  • If it was any easier to setup we'd be doing it for you!

What you need

  • You need a computer with at least a Pentium 200 MHz, 16MB disk space and 4MB RAM.
  • The DNC computer does *NOT* have to be connected to the internet at all. Transfer the licence by memory stick or floppy etc.
  • You need Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Win7, Win 8 or Win10. Works on both 32 or 64 bit versions.
  • You need a com port. No com port on your laptop or new PC ? >> Click Here
  • You need to be able to get our software off the web and transfer the whole install program to your shop-floor computer. Click here to download evaluation If your shop-floor does not have internet access, download to a memory stick and do it that way.

How and where do I buy ?

  • You can see all our prices and you can buy off our website click here. Great multiple purchase discounts are available.
  • Once we receive payment an e-mail is sent immediately with your unlocking file & instructions.

Who we are

  • We have been developing DNC software systems here in the UK since 1995.
  • We sell 100% of our software via the web.
  • We have sold thousands of copies of our software solutions, connecting thousands of CNCs worldwide.
  • Contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1427 325810
  • Contact us by e-mail at

Your privacy

  • All purchase and product fulfillment are through FastSpring a trusted reseller for We NEVER get to see your credit card details so you can be quite confident your purchase is safe and secure.
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