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Code Manipulation




Block Start Number
This is the number that you want the block resequencing to start. Most users would start at 10. But you can have anything including zero.

Block Increment
This is how much you want each block number to increment by. Most users would use 10, so that blocks go 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.

Block Number Use N
If you check this, then blocks would be like N10, N20, N30 etc. Nearly all but Heidenhain CNC machines use this option. If you do not check it then block numbers go 10, 20, 30 etc.

Blank Lines
You have 3 separate options for how you want blank lines to be treated Resequence blank lines Ignore blank lines and so they are not resequenced Delete blank lines - they are not really needed anyway.

Ignore Blocks Starting With
Not all of your file needs to be sequenced. For example comments don't need it, neither do the % headers in a Fanuc program. There are lots of situations like this. To ignore them just type in the characters one after another. So (/:O% will not sequence any block that STARTS WITH ( and / and : and O and %

Restart Blocks Starting With
This allows you to also resequence subprograms, each subprogram will start sequencing again.

Leading Zeroes
Modern CNC machines that use block numbers have N10, N20, N30 etc. as its format. However some older CNC machines have to have blocks in a constant format, with leading zeros. So for example, selecting 4 would make blocks like N0010, N0020....N0100....N1000 etc. If you do not need this kind of formatting just select zero.


Transform code



You can specify the maths transformation of either the speeds the feeds separately (because these are probably integer numbers) and the rest of the geometric axes separately (because they are probably decimal values).

You can perform all the maths transformation in one go simply by selecting the axes. You can save these transformations away in a text file for re-use. Think of them as very basic post-processors for your NC code.



Also included are various other tools

So you can save space on your CNC memory

Insert Spaces
Insert spaces into difficult to read NC code that has all the spaces removed

Delete Spaces
So you can save memory on your CNC memory


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