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Merge Files

This feature allows you to quickly merges several of your NC files into one. Suppose you decide to keep some of your operations in separate files, basically like sub-programs, and you copy and paste these into your files, this feature allows you to do this in a much neater way.



Down the left hand side is a file, folder and disk control showing files on your computer. By default this starts up into your send directory; however you can browse your computer for files anywhere on your computer or network. You can look for files that match either your send or receive file extensions. All you have to do is select a file and click the "Insert >>" button. This file is added to the list in the right hand side. (You can double click the file list instead of pressing insert) Do this until you have all the files you want to add to the merge file. If you make a mistake you can select the file and click the "<< Remove" button (Again double-clicking a file will remove it from the list) You can then either press "Merge To File" in which case the new file is created and put into a new editor window. Alternatively, the merged file is transferred to your CNC and is not saved away after it has sent it.

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