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Optional FTP Plugin

With the free optional to install FTP plugin, dnc4U can now communicate direct with most CNC that supports Ethernet TCP/IP FTP transfers, such as a Fanuc with data server. This means that you can transfer files to and from your CNC at very much faster speeds than using RS232 serial. In addition you can send and receive using FTP to your external file storage on a remote computer or webspace.

You should first of all install dnc4U, then install the FTP plugin. It is a pre-requisite that you install into the same folder as you originally installed dnc4U so that it can be found. You will then see the FTP tab enabled on the dnc4U properties page.

One of the most powerful aspects of the FTP plugin is dnc4U's ability to perform DNC transfers simultaneously to your CNC machines. (The standard dnc4U system is single transfer at a time). You can have up to 64 ftp sessions active and talk to all 64 simultaneously, although the more DNC you have the more resources and more powerful PC/Memory is required.



Server Address

This is the IP address of the CNC machine on your network.


This is the username to gain access to your CNC machine on your network.

Server Address

This is the password to gain access to your CNC machine on your network.

Port Number

This is the port number of the CNC machine on your network.

Remote Start Folder

This is the folder you store program in CNC machine on your network.

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