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Debug Window

dnc4U has a debug window that lets you see data come from your CNC. Many times its much easier when you are setting up a CNC to send data this way, because dnc4U is totally tolerant of data protocol and format errors whereas your CNC machine will often error out. So we always advise that before you start to SEND to your CNC, always try and RECEIVE a file out of it first and send it back to your PC.

The debug window therefore show you the data, without saving it away, just so you can anlayze the format. dnc4U has several debug options, the one shown below is to debug all CNC control codes less than ASCII 32 (Space) You can easily see the control codes and the end of block because they are enclosed between <> brackets. Here it is quite easy to see that the end of block is CR/LF



Another of dnc4U's debug options is to show the data received with the best EOB. This means that dnc4U analyzes the data on the fly, so that the data reads OK, otherwise you may just see the data all crunched up into one long continuous data string or double spaced, making it difficult to read.(When receiving a file to disk, this is done automatically unless you specifically define otherwise)



Another of dnc4U's debug options is to show just the end of blocks.



Another of dnc4U's debug options is to show the data fully debugged with it's ASCII code.



Another great feature with dnc4U is that you can save anything that is in the debug windows, or just highlight the text and send it back to the CNC. You can also send out XON and XOFF so that whilst watching the data coming in, you can control flow just by clicking a button, this is great in determining if your CNC is handshaking properly..


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