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Optional Wireless Plugin

The optional free dnc4U wireless plugin allows you to send and receive files direct to your wireless devices (or RS232 to ethernet devices) rather than having to use the normal PC computer com port and RS232 wires. dnc4U sends and receives files using standard TCP/IP protocol directly, it does not need to use any virtual com port-director software.

One of the most powerful aspects of the wireless plugin is dnc4U's ability to perform DNC transfers simultaneously to your CNC machines. (The standard dnc4U system is single transfer at a time). You can have up to 64 wireless devices and talk to all 64 simultaneously, although the more DNC you have the more resources and more powerful PC/Memory is required.

A typical simple wireless network consists of a wireless hub and a series of wireless nodes, each wireless node replacing the com-port in a typical wired DNC system. The benefits of a wireless are many, including the ability to quickly move your DNC system when CNC machines are moved etc.

If you have the wireless plugin, then you will see the Wireless tab enabled on the dnc4U properties page. You should install the wireless plugin to wherever you installed dnc4U



IP Address

The IP Address is a unique number on your network that defines exactly where it is located. It follows the standard dot convention, for example


Conventionally, you would "PING" a device with some data to see if it's online. If you receive a response, then the device is online.


Telnet is one way that you can configure your wireless device. Typically, you would need to setup the RS232 protocol such as baudrate, parity etc, it's IP address and such as security features, network hub settings and all manner of things. dnc4U makes it easier by using telnet, but you can just as easily modify the hub with a browser.


If you load the dnc4U Monitor, it will constantly ping the network device and show you graphically which devices are on-line or off-line.

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