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Yes - dnc4U works 100% on Vista!

However, you might sometimes be drawn to the conclusion that, along with thousands of other programs that used to work just fine under XP, it won't work. Don't worry it works just fine! The security model that is used in Vista just means you may have to tweak dnc4U to run as intended. We say "may" as many users can just run dnc4U out of the box on Vista. The later Vista service packs addressed many of the issues and problems.

Here's a quick guide to solving installation problems.

You initially need to install the dnc4U program with administrator rights to make sure that all files and components are copied, installed and registered in Windows properly.

In addition, the first time you run dnc4U it has to be done with full admin rights. We suggest that whoever installs dnc4U ticks the "Launch dnc4U" box so that dnc4U can create some initial settings ready to start at the same time as the installation.

After The Installation
What sometimes happens is that the initial installation of dnc4U is made (which has to be done with administrator priveliges) then a user with lowers priveliges tries to run dnc4U and nothing at all happens. Running-as-administrator solves this problem in the majority of cases - that is why after all this huffing-and-puffing over extra computer security, Microsoft had to have this option - otherwise thousands of programs would just not run - so it is a 100% safe option to select - and is the key in many cases to getting dnc4U working properly.

Run As Administrator
If you right mouse click the dnc4U icon on your desktop, you can click "Run As Administrator". All this does is raise your priveliges temporarily whilst running dnc4U. In essence it means run as a trusted program, there is no danger of users running amok and destroying the computer with full administrator rights. Once the icon has been clicked, Windows remembers the setting, so you only have to do it once.

Compatibility Mode
We are not too sure about this, as it doesn't seem to make too much difference when we have tested this option, but you might want to select the compatibility mode and select "Windows XP" or "Windows 2000". Microsoft probably spent millions of $$$ on this feature, so it may do something - we just haven't been able to figure out what exactly - although to be fair, it has sorted out some customers who have selected this mode. Right mouse click the dnc4U icon and click properties select the compatibility tab and then tick the compatibility mode and select "Windows XP" or "Windows 2000"

Disable the User Account Control (UAC)
The UAC is very, very, very annoying. This is the pop-up that interrupts every time you want to run a program. If you can turn it off, do so, if your IT manager will allow it, turn it off it makes life so much simpler.

1. Open Up Control Panel - Select User Accounts

2. Select - Turn User Account Control on or off

3. Untick the Use User Control (UAC) to help protect your computer, and click OK

Data Execution Prevention

Vista can sometimes prevent legitimate programs from working as it "thinks" they may be malicious and so prevents programs from executing various security flaws in Windows. dnc4U is quite safe, we've got better things to do than mess about with your computer. Windows will notify you with a pop-up window with the words "dnc4U has stopped working - Windows will now close down the application". It might say something like report this problem to Microsoft. There's not much point doing that as they won't do anything, but it's up to you, we've never heard back from them!

We have received this message too and have got round this by turning off the "Data Execution Prevention", "DEP" settings in Windows.

1. Go to Control Panel, click System

2. Click Advanced System Settings

3. Click Performance Settings button

4. Click Data Execution Prevention tab, select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select".

5. Click the Add button and search for the file "dnc4u.exe" and then click the Open button.
The dnc4U is installed in the c:\program files\dnc4U folder by default, but you may have installed somewhere else.

6. dnc4U will be added to the list, make sure you tick the box next to it.

7. Click the OK button for changes to take effect.

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