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CommPort Properties

Com Port Parameters
dnc4U dnc software allows you up to 64 different CNC machine settings and has a full set of DNC parameters to make CNC communication possible on many different controller configurations. ASCII and EIA is fully supported.



When dnc4U first loads it creates a set of default parameters for each of these machines and gives them the name "Machine1" "Machine2"...."Machine64". You probably want to change these to something more meaningful to you. Just type in the name of the CNC into this box. You can have anything, blanks, even duplicate names.

dnc4U ships with many settings predefined. Simply select from the list. Its important to understand that these are starting points as they may have been changed by the CNC builder or by yourselves



Send Properties

dnc4U uses all the popular end of block settings, LF/CR/CR, CR/LF, LF and CR

You can send control codes before and after the main body of the NC program to initiate CNC transfer. These can be sent external to the NC file so that you don't have to store these garbage codes in your files to disk. You can decide to ignore any blocks that contain a specific character (maybe comments) or delete blank line to save space on your CNC memory.

In addition you can choose to send data in block format, or if you suffer data starvation of buffer overflows, in data packet chunks of a constant specific size. Data transfer modes, Block Send, Drip-Feed, Turbo Drip-Feed and Executive Tape mode.



Many CNC machines are intolerant of data that is not quite right. You can setup block delays or character delays for these difficult (older) controllers

You can wait for XON, so that on CNC machines such as Fanucs, the file is sent to the CNC as soon as you press INPUT at the control. Many CNC require that a remote device is online before it will open its own com-port, you can do this too. If your CNC has problems buffering data, you can wait a specified time after sending so that comms is held open until all the data has been received. In addition you can setup a timeout so that comms is automatically closed down after a specified period of time. You can also wait for {ANY} character to be issued rather than looking for the XON.

You can setup a drip-feed timeout. Often when drip-feeding you can have periods where the CNC is cutting and not wanting to receive data. You can setup up a time out up to 32000 seconds (thats a long time in between moves)


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