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  dnc4U Editor and RS232 DNC Software

dnc4U has an extremely simple to use and clutter free interface, designed especially with non-computer literate CNC operators in mind. There are just a few large icons, with all of these operations duplicated by function keys.

The dnc4U editor can be setup with any color and any font, and in addition you can setup all the alphabetic letters to be color coded so that the different parts of your code can be highlighted and so make reading the code even easier.

You can open multiple files into the editor, but rather than have windows floating about all over the place, they are neatly shown at full size with their own tab button below. This makes navigating between open files so much easier. There is no limit to the number of files that can be opened, and the maximum sized file that can be edited is approx 60 Megabytes, although this does depend on your computer specification and available memory.


The main  screen of dnc4U dnc software program 


Simply toggle between the DNC icons and the Editor icons by clicking on the tab.


The main  screen of dnc4U dnc software program 


Simply right-mouse click and all the most important features are there ready to use.


The main  screen of dnc4U dnc software program


Because dnc4U is Windows based, there is no limit to the filesize like in the old DOS systems.

All standard editing features such as cut, copy, paste, find and replace are obviously there, along with many more specific NC code functions.


CNC Code Tools

There are many useful tools for editing or mass changing your nc code.


tools NC code in dnc4U



The resequence option is extremely flexible allowing you to not only resequence your code to any increment but also to exclude the "N", as for example, Heidenhain code.

You can choose to ignore blocks that start with specific characters, and if you use sub-programs, you can restart the sequence numbers again. You can store these formats for each CNC so you don't have to keep altering them each time you use a different CNC...


resequence NC code in dnc4U


Axis Transformation

You can mass edit your NC code so that all the axes are changed. You have speeds, feeds and all axes. There are operators + - / * as well as +% -% INCH>MM MM>INCH and MIRROR

Axis Transformation NC code


Axis Transformation NC code


Reformat Code

You can mass edit your NC code so that all the XYZABCF blocks are reformatted to a different number of decimal places. This is useful if you need to transfer code from one CNC to another.


Reformat NC code


Split Files

If you have saved all your files out of your CNC library into one gigantic NC file, you no longer have to cut and paste all these files into individual files. dnc4U will take the large file and split into individual files using the program name or the comment on the program number block as the filename. This feature can literally save days of cutting and pasting. It works on Fanucs, Haas and most of these similar types. It works on Heidenhain and Okumas too.


Split NC code into separet files using CNC program number as the filename.


Other Tools

These tools are designed to reduce the filesize for those CNC that have very limited amounts of memory

Desequence Code - Remove all "N" from your code - saves memory space on your CNC
Remove Spaces From Code - again saves memory - but difficult to read
Insert Spaces Into Code - inserts all the spaces back to make the code more readable
Remove Blank Lines - tidies the code up and removes all blank lines - saves space on the CNC memory
Trim Lines - Often code from a Fanuc has useless spaces at the end of blocks.
Capitalize - How often have you typed in code and realised it's in lower case ? This forces upper case all the time.
Reverse Capitals - How often have you been in upper case and thought you were in lower case, reverse capitals with this feature.



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